The system that makes the difference, today even more with Terraria®, the 100% compostable capsule.

Ours is a small industrial reality that immediately wanted to stand out in the world of coffee producers with its own brand and a “system” given by a square capsule to deliver a coffee of excellent quality. After a long period of research, experimentation and engineering, we are finally able to present the 100% compostable capsule of Caffè d’Italia® produced completely with plant materials and above all ethics because conceived with specific plant materials not subtracted from food use. We consider this the greatest novelty that a company like ours could present to a market in which we believe that the subject ecology will be more and more reason for differentiation and flagship for those who will be able to demonstrate their commitment to maintain this cleaner world. Terraria® is the capsule of Caffè d’Italia®, good for the environment and with the same high quality. Its disposal at the end of life in the separate collection of organic, makes it unique by nature.

The capsules Terraria®, in compliance with the European standard UNI EN 13432, are certified OK BIOBASED by the Belgian body Vinçotte, to guarantee their compostability in industrial composting plants.

Respect the Earth! It is not an inheritance of our fathers but a loan of our children”   Old Masai saying, Kenia

100% compostable because vegetable:  It is produced with PLA obtained from a  tuberous root rich in starch…ethics because this root is inedible: the capsule therefore has no impact on the human food chain and, after use, can be totally recovered as natural fertilizer. The capsule Terraria® immediately  disposed of in organic and then in special composting plants, is totally recovered through industrial processes  of biological treatment.

The high temperatures (50º-55º) and the  controlled conditions to which the material is subjected, not obtainable with the household compost maker, allow a correct biodegradation process in order to obtain in 6 months the Compost, that is an excellent and totally eco-sustainable natural fertilizer.