Caffè d’Italia “MISCELA BAR” is the new product line of coffee beans available in 4 different blends to satisfy any taste.

Creamy and full coffee, with a clean taste. It is mainly composed of grains of Robusta with a body that distinguishes it significantly.

The cream, basically dark and velvety, recalls the color of hazelnuts and the medium roasting of its grains. The slight hint of Arabica allows the palate to appreciate all the fragrances of this coffee without being immediately struck by the bitter note of licorice. The resulting espresso is softened by the delicacy of Arabica, without losing its typical peculiarities of a strong coffee taste.

Blend composed of Arabica and various qualities of Robusta, able to offer a creamy, full-bodied and aromatic coffee, intense and balanced flavor.

The coffee cup has an intense aroma and an important body; its taste is light and balanced by the elastic and compact cream. Sweet chocolate aftertaste.

Blend composed of Robusta and Arabica with a rather high degree of roasting. 

The roasting enhances the aromas, facilitating the extraction in the cup, making the coffee full-bodied and creamy. The cup coffee has a balanced and enveloping taste with a dark and persistent cream and intense and sweet flavor; it has also a slight scent of tropical wood.

Mixture composed of a blend of Arabica and various qualities of Robusta, to offer a coffee with an intense and balanced flavor, in which the absence of caffeine is not perceived by the palate. 

This quality is the result of the process of decaffeination obtained by natural and non-chemical means (Co2 and weaterwashed system). The coffee cup has an accentuated body, a well colored and elastic cream; the taste has a pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate with wooden hints and a pleasant persistence due to the quality of the Arabica used.